Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random Opinions on Random Things

1. Looks wise (I swear if anyone leaves a political comment because of this I will force you to listen to Rebecca Black for years), I think Rick Santorum is about halfway to becoming the white version of Bill Cosby. Those vests just need to grow sleeves. 

2. I refuse to watch Green Lantern for two reasons. One, it's a superhero movie with Ryan Reynolds that isn't Deadpool. Also, in what universe is it believable that Blake Lively is a excellent pilot and business woman? 

3. Someone that I know used the phrase 'Oh my Shire' to comment about the Hobbit movie the other day. That doesn't even make sense. Yes substituting other words in place of God is common practice, but it should be the same type of noun. God is a person noun and Shire is a place noun. Oh my Hobbits would make much more sense. 

4. People who read comic books really should never make fun of people who watch soap operas. They are basically the same thing except one has a lot more spandex. 

5. I am both excited and disturbed that so many young girls love the Hunger Games. The squeeing over the romance is a little creepy. 

6. Eerie, Indiana is one of the best shows ever. Why didn't it last longer? SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE!