Sunday, February 5, 2012

Things I hate Part 2


Apparently I did something wrong and deleted all the comments on this blog. This is bad and weird of me. I should learn to be a better computery person. 

In which I list things I hate

So I haven't updated this in awhile, mainly because I only think of clever things to say in the seconds before I fall asleep. If I could blog only with my brain then this thing would be at least twice as popular as it is now. Anyway, I lot of things have been annoying me lately and I'm going to list them.


The are basically the most evil fruit known to mankind. They taste like old people which most people think is a weird description, but trust me it makes sense. Don't eat them, don't encourage them, just throw them in a hole and set them on fire.


I have no idea why, but it might have something to do with having seen that whale trailer about 2 gabillzillion times this week. So many times that I had to make up a new made up number. It's making me hate the whales, I want to kill all the whales just to make that trailer stop.


They don't even sound pretty and leggings aren't pants.


I will stop hating them when they stop emailing me 30 times a week. I know it's election time-ish, but you can't possible have that much to tell me. Weirdly, the Republicans haven't emailed me once.


Can we just agree that it's an ugly color? It is, stop trying to make it work.